International business.

Importing and exporting is a complex and difficult task, subject to many regulations that changes often, plus the idiosyncrasies of each country, origin or destination. WT Logistics experience with thousand of shipments all over the world representing customers in the import and export process is available to you.
Our organization focus is on details, customer satisfaction, to get the task accomplished and not have good excuses for failure. We take your problems as ours because they are ours.
We advise our customers in all the aspects of the import/export process, giving them the advantage of having a logistics company without the expenses associated.
Our impressive list of customers speaks for itself.
International customers trust our excellence and service reliability that allows them to reduce import costs by eliminating errors and omissions, reduce local customs issues by receiving the right documentation and reduce freight cost by self consolidation. International Exporters use our experience as an extension of their operation in the United States.
We offer them not only customs brokerage but storage for just-in-time distribution, inventory control, customer deliveries and in some situations we are the importer of record.
Domestic customers use our services for imports and for exports. In the import process we arrange every detail of the transaction to make the process simple and straightforward. In the export process, we coordinate the logistics from our customer point of origin to the final port of destination or to your overseas customer, depending on your requirements.

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